Bring Back the Light - Rehabilitation & Recovery

To enhance your recovery and complement your physical therapy routine post-surgery or post-injury, consider incorporating regular massage into your wellness routine.

Here’s why:

Improved Body Balance – As your physical therapy routine concentrates on stretching and strengthening specific areas of the body, a full body massage can help ease tension where your body is over-compensating.

Relief from Pain – Physical Therapy can be hard work. Growing, strengthening and stretching muscles can sometimes cause pain, especially as the body heals. Massage therapy can help to relieve individuals of the discomfort and soreness of intense sessions.

Enhance Therapeutic Results – Massage Therapy provides an additional designated time to work on promoting muscle elasticity and range of motion.

LightTouch Therapeutics provides in-patient or in-home, customized massage treatment plans for individuals living near Saratoga Springs, NY. For a free assessment, please call 518-288-5199 and mention this blog.

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