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Guide to Gifting Massage

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When you’re relaxing on a massage table, it’s easy to see massage as a gift. Whether you’re there to reduce pain, to ease anxiety, to help you recover from the physical and emotional stresses of life or simply being alive, massage is a moment of freedom in an occasionally crushing world. If you’re thinking of sharing the gift of massage with someone else for a special occasion or “just because,” you are almost certainly doing so from a place of love and generosity. 

How to (successfully!) give the gift of massage.

Massage is an amazing gift! But there are a few steps to think about in advance.

Think about the best way to deliver your gift. Gift certificates are the easiest way to give a massage as a gift, as it allows the individual to schedule on their own. Scheduling on their behalf can sometimes work as well, although this can require additional strategic planning. 

  • Look for genuine excitement. When you mention massage are they enthusiastic about the idea? “Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing!” is what you’re looking for, not a polite “Yeah sure, I guess I would go if it were free.” If you can get a more excited response by offering new socks, go with the socks. But many people are thrilled by the idea of getting a professional massage as a gift.

  • Talk with your massage therapist. Are they accepting new clients right now? Do they allow people to purchase massages as a gift? Do they offer the kind of massage this person needs or wants? For example, LightTouch Therapeutics offers in-office appointments as well as home visits for those not able to easily travel.  

  • Plan WELL in advance if you want to make the appointment for them. Massage openings fill quickly, especially around holidays! Don’t assume that spaces will be available on a particular day just because you’ve got a month to spare.

  • Consider and remove obstacles. Unlike a nice sweater or a juicy novel, there can be a few barriers to someone enjoying even a gifted massage.

  • Transportation and accessibility. Will you need to help them get to their massage?

  • Childcare and other caregiving responsibilities. Will they be more likely to accept the gift if it’s accompanied by an offer to babysit?

  • Tips, parking, and other expenses. It helps to cover the entire cost. 

  • Anxiety. Receiving a massage for the first time can be intimidating. Going together or talking about what to expect can be useful.

Don’t forget the most important gift recipient: YOURSELF

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Rest matters. Peace matters. Sometimes, one of the best gifts you can offer others is to take a moment away from the chaotic world, so that you can be a better spouse, parent, colleague, neighbor, or friend. Sometimes self-care can feel like a strangely radical act, but it’s a vital one. When we have good examples of people who know to care for themselves before running themselves ragged, it’s a better environment for everyone.

To give the gift of massage...Give us a Call! 

LightTouch Therapeutics can email or snail mail your gift certificate to your loved one.


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Comfort Care

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“Lisa comes to my house once a month to massage my feet and legs to help improve my circulation. I am 85 years old and I don’t walk around as much as I used to. While Lisa is here, we drink tea together, laugh and have the sweetest conversations. Whatever she does, she does it right because I always feel like I could go dancing again!”

- Mary, Clifton Park, NY


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“My grandfather is in a nursing home and I hate that I can’t visit him as often as I’d like to. Bringing my three young children into that environment can be a challenge. And what do you give someone in this situation for Christmas? I felt so glad when I learned about LightTouch Therapeutics. It was the perfect gift for my Poppy. It felt really good to be able to send him some love from afar. Lisa’s professional, comforting services gave him the opportunity for some physical contact, something to look forward to, and much-needed rest and relaxation.”

- Kate, Glens Falls, NY

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“Lisa has given me so much peace of mind. She is so patient and kind when she visits my mom at a local nursing home. Lisa comes once a week and Mom looks forward to “being treated like the rich and famous”!

- Jenny, Ballston Spa, NY


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