Frequently Asked Questions

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How is massage therapy different with LightTouch Therapeutics?

LightTouch Therapeutics offers therapeutic massage for individuals and caregivers coping with the challenges of chronic or long term illness.  Therefore, massage sessions are Shorter, Slower and Softer.  LightTouch Therapeutics gives special consideration to the physical and emotional needs of all clients.

What is an initial session like?

You can expect a professional, experienced licensed massage therapist to visit you or your loved one  in the comfort of your own home or residence. Be prepared to experience relaxation and comfort. We will listen to you so we understand just how we can best help you on your wellness journey.  We are here for you and our intention is to help you improve your quality of life.  Ask us questions, tell us a story, or simply fall asleep.   Most of our clients do just that!

Once the massage is complete, many people feel a sense of freedom and calmness. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, you may feel an increase in energy, focus and productivity, which can last for many days.

Where does the massage take place? 

Massage therapy can take place in almost any setting - including your home, hospital room or care facility.  Our clients receive massage in the comfort of their own bed or seated upright in a recliner or wheelchair. Most of the time our clients, remain fully clothed.  It is unnecessary to transfer bed-bound patients because massage is best received where individuals are most comfortable.  If a person is ambulatory, we can bring a massage table on site.

LightTouch Therapeutics also has a very quiet and relaxing office located in Ballston Spa.

In-office appointments are a great way to experience a quick respite!

How often should one receive massage?

We base the frequency of sessions on individual needs. 

Regular sessions can range from several times per week to monthly. 

The benefits of massage tend to increase with regular and frequent sessions.

How do I schedule my first massage?