Our Background

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For over a decade, the massage therapists of LightTouch Therapeutics have been providing gentle touch to health-care patients. Over the years, our experience in this specialty area grew and expanded as we continued to support a wide range of individuals who needed our services the most.


Our experience has become our greatest achievement.


We are massage therapists in the local Saratoga County community with a vast and extensive amount of skill, knowledge and education working with clients who are managing advanced and chronic conditions. We visit clients who are:

  • Living with the stresses of many types of serious conditions

  • Residing in nursing homes or other care facilities

  • Working through their journey of physical rehabilitation

  • Care-giving and need their own “self-care”

Our Approach

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As NYS Licensed Massage Therapists, we do not diagnose any illness or disease. Our specialty is soft tissue manipulation and assessment based on a thorough training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology.


Techniques used can include GENTLE pressure, friction, stroking, percussion, kneading, range of motion, holding and stretching with the overall intention of promoting comfort and well-being.

Most of all, the approach at LightTouch Therapeutics, is slower and softer than traditional massage therapy.

LightTouch Blog

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